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Led by leading practitioners, this three course sequence covers applied statistical modeling, practical tools for experimentation, and advanced methods for causal inference. Upon completion of the sequence you'll have the toolkit to grow your career as a data scientist and have an immediate impact across a wide range of industries.

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Data Science Academy

January 23, 2023
12 weeksPart-time
3 course certificates

What you'll learn

Learn the skills that employers are looking for.
Retain knowledge with real-world projects for your portfolio.

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3

Applied Statistics for Data Science

Created and taught by
Emily Ekdahl - Instructor photo
Machine Learning Engineer at Vouch
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Our expert instructors lead data, engineering, and machine learning teams within the world’s most innovative companies.

Emily Ekdahl

Machine Learning Engineer at Vouch

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Stephanie Pancoast

Senior Data Science and Analytics Manager

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Dan Saber

Head of Data Science at Solana Foundation

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Vinod Bakthavachalam

Data Scientist, Netflix

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80% average completion rate, compared to 15% industry standard.

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Is this right for me?

Who is it for?
  • Data Analysts/Business Analysts looking to further their career into Data Science

  • Other software engineers seeking to transition into data science and statistics related roles

Prerequisites / Commitment
  • Foundation in basic statistics (mean, median, mode, and basic summary statistics)

  • Knowledge of Python programming: Variables, Functions, Lists, Loops + Numpy & Pandas (as covered in CoRise's Python for Data Science - )

No prerequisites? No problem!

You can learn the foundational skills through our courses:

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Fmr. Staff Machine Learning Researcher at Twitter
June 12, 2023

SQL Crash Course

Data Scientist at YNAB
July 10, 2023

Intermediate SQL

former Engineering Leader at Google, Target, Bell Labs

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