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Python for Data Science

Python has become the go-to language for machine learning and data science. This FREE two-week course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of scientific Python through a fast-paced, interactive experience. You’ll learn how to use core Python DS libraries (Pandas and Numpy) on real Airbnb data, and practice your skills with hands-on projects!

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Luca Belli
Fmr. Staff Machine Learning Researcher at Twitter
Real-world projects that teach you industry skills.
Learn alongside a small group of your professional peers
Part-time program with 2 live events per week:
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May 15, 2023
2 weeks
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Course taught by expert instructors

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Luca Belli

Fmr. Staff Machine Learning Researcher at Twitter

Luca Belli was the Co-founder and Research Lead for Twitter's Machine learning Ethics, Transparency and Accountability (META) where he guided industry leading approaches for responsible ML practices and product changes. Previously he operated as a Data Science and Machine Learning Engineers at Conversant and WolframAlpha. His research interests lie at the intersection of feedback loops, algorithmic amplification (with a special eye on politics), and algorithmic audits. He holds a Ph.D. in Math from Tor Vergata University in Rome.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Anyone with some programming knowledge interested in becoming a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer.

  • Software Engineers skilled in programming looking for a career change into data science.

  • Financial Analysts, Accountants, or other professionals looking to learn Python for powerful analysis.

Prerequisites / Commitment
  • Comfort with Python fundamentals (as covered in CoRise Python Crash Course or elsewhere) - variables, functions, lists, loops, dictionaries

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • File Input/Output
  • Computation On Arrays
  • Aggregation
  • Slicing, Indexing, and Modifying Arrays
Use Numpy to perform calculations on Airbnb listing data, and create a visualization of your analysis using Streamlit.
  • Pandas Data Structures
  • Operating on Data in Pandas
  • Handling Missing Data
  • Combining Datasets
Use Pandas to clean and preprocess your data for modeling, and package the results as another Streamlit app.

Real-world projects

Work on projects that bring your learning to life.
Made to be directly applicable in your work.

Live access to experts

Sessions and Q&As with our expert instructors, along with real-world projects.

Network & community

Core reviews a study groups. Share experiences and learn alongside a global network of professionals.

Support & accountability

We have a system in place to make sure you complete the course, and to help nudge you along the way.

Course success stories

Learn together and share experiences with other industry professionals

Having the opportunity to learn from other peers in the industry and the fabulous instructors was priceless. Their willingness to go the extra mile and immerse themselves with the cohort upon their work and life commitments was unmatched!

Emmanuel Osei BoatengData Analytics Engineer

Samir was my instructor for my Stanford CS course, and there is no one better at explaining complex topics in bite-sized and fully understandable pieces. He helped go through many hands-on examples for each of the course concepts so students could get a deep and intuitive understanding of all of the course materials. I highly recommend Samir for anyone looking to get the most out of their learning experience.

Sujeet KumarFormer Stanford CS Student & Architect at JP Morgan

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