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Advanced SQL

Real world data is messy, confusing, and big. But most SQL courses teach with data that is artificially clean, simple, and small. This is not one of those courses. Over these four weeks, you’ll learn the advanced SQL skills necessary to dive into real datasets with confidence. We’ll clean up messy and nested data, learn about EAV schemas and pivots, and dive deep into advanced window functions. We’ll also cover performance, advanced joins, and other complex SQL patterns to optimize queries. You will walk away ready to be unleashed on any dataset, from your company’s production DB (a read replica, of course) to a public database of trees in your neighborhood.

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Srinivasan (Sesh) Seshadri
former Engineering Leader at Google, Target, Bell Labs
Real-world projects that teach you industry skills.
Learn alongside a small group of your professional peers
Part-time program with 2 live events per week:
Monday @ 5:00 PM UTC
Project Session
Wednesday @ 5:00 PM UTC
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January 30, 2023
4 weeks
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Srinivasan (Sesh) Seshadri

former Engineering Leader at Google, Target, Bell Labs

Sesh is an academician, entrepreneur and a seasoned technologist focused on Data, AI and ML. Sesh has been a part of several startups - he was the founder and CEO of Strand Life Sciences (now owned by Reliance Life Sciences), founding CTO of Kosmix (acquired by Walmart), founder and CEO of Zettata (acquired by Target). Sesh has been an executive at several companies such as Google, Target,Yahoo and Lucent Technologies and at IIT Bombay, Bell Labs as well as UC Berkeley as a researcher. Sesh has several patents and publications in the broad areas of Data Management and Machine Learning.

Sesh got his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from IIT Madras and his MS and Phd from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Take a real-world dataset and prepare it for analysis.
    • String and date functions for data cleaning
    • Data types in SQL
    • How to work with EAV schemas
    • Pivoting & unpivoting
    • Deduplicating & removing bad data
    A dashboard displaying key metrics about a product.
      • Window functions
      • Running totals, subtotals, & rolling averages
      • Cohort analysis
      • DAUs & MAUs
      An analysis of recent trends and news from a large dataset.
        • CTEs and subqueries
        • SQL performance
        • Tuning queries & joins
        • Fanout
        An urban planning report using some nested data from OpenStreetMap.
          • Complex joins
          • Unnesting and flattening
          • Nested object querying
          • UDFs

          Real-world projects

          Work on projects that bring your learning to life.
          Made to be directly applicable in your work.

          Live access to experts

          Sessions and Q&As with our expert instructors, along with real-world projects.

          Network & community

          Core reviews a study groups. Share experiences and learn alongside a global network of professionals.

          Support & accountability

          We have a system in place to make sure you complete the course, and to help nudge you along the way.

          Course success stories

          Learn together and share experiences with other industry professionals

          Sesh was a fantastic instructor for the Intro to SQL course. He did a great job of challenging us but also took feedback to heart and adjusted the pace, content material, etc. as the course went to ensure we all had a positive learning experience. I learned a lot in the course and have already had many opportunities to put my new skills into practice in my daily work!

          Amanda G.Analyst at YNAB

          I appreciated Sesh's dedication to everyone in the SQL course, and the fact that he incorporated feedback to make sure that the course was most effective.

          Jason Dexter Analytics Engineer

          This course is for...

          Junior Analytics Engineer. Some experience with SQL, and want to get more comfortable

          Data Scientist / SWE who wants to get more comfortable with SQL


          Basic SQL proficiency; You are comfortable writing simple SQL queries but are not as comfortable with complicated joins, window functions, etc.

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