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This is a 6 week track for those interested in expanding their knowledge on Search. The first 2 week class is a fundamentals class for those newer to Search, while the second 4 week class is a deep dive into the latest developments in Search. See below for details on each course.

Search Fundamentals
Search with Machine Learning
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Track Duration
2 courses, 6 weeks total
Start Date
October 3, 2022
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September 30, 2022
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Course 1
Search Fundamentals

We’ve designed this 2-week course to introduce the fundamentals of search to engineers, data scientists, and other technical professionals who are new to the area or interested in working in it. We will cover the basics of indexing, querying, hand-tuned ranking, aggregations, and search user interfaces. To gain practical experience, you will build an application using OpenSearch (an open fork of Elasticsearch) and a public ecommerce dataset. This course will also prepare you for the Search with Machine Learning course that assumes familiarity with search fundamentals as a prerequisite.

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Grant Ingersoll
Former CTO at Wikimedia
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Daniel Tunkelang
Machine Learning Consultant
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Course 2
Search with Machine Learning

This course covers the fundamentals of integrating machine learning and natural language processing techniques into search engines. We'll learn how to use machine learning for ranking, content understanding, and query understanding, along with how to use embeddings, dense vectors and deep learning to improve retrieval and ranking. You will build applications using OpenSearch (an open fork of Elasticsearch) and several ML libraries and plugins. Note: This course assumes that you have already learned search fundamentals; if not, then we encourage you to take our companion “Search Fundamentals” course so that you will be prepared for this one.

Instructor Photo
Grant Ingersoll
Former CTO at Wikimedia
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Instructor Photo
Daniel Tunkelang
Machine Learning Consultant
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Track electives and related courses

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November 1, 2022

Personalized Recommendations at Scale

Rishabh Mehrotra
Director of Machine Learning at ShareChat
January 9, 2023

Natural Language Processing

Sourabh Bajaj
former Engineering Manager at Neeva
Kaushik Rangadurai
Software Engineer at Meta

Trusted by learners from top 500 companies:

Interested in upskilling your company?

Search with Machine Learning in combination with the Search Fundamentals course is the most useful online track I've taken.

Tetiana TorovetsStaff Data Scientist at thredUP

Hands on learning from knowledgable instructors to solve relevant and interesting search problems!

Max HarringtonData Scientist at Quizlet

The CoRise team does a great job of keeping motivated energy within the class and creating a space that feels supportive and encouraging to learn in. I highly recommend the track, even for those like myself coming from a background, not in search, and fairly new to tech.

Jessica GreeneSoftware Engineer at Ecosia

Grant and Daniel did an excellent job in providing both breadths and depths in the Search Track. Overall, this is a great level-up course for anyone who is interested in ML-powered search.

Shan DouSenior MLE at Loblaw Digital

The best track for someone to start ML for search. You will get good understanding of different components of search with ML and the jargon. The hands on also gives you some good understanding of how things can be implemented.

Akshath VarugeeseData Scientist at Nykaa

The material is very good and the lifetime access makes everything (and everyone) even more awesome! It was a lot of work, but I had so many ideas of applications in my day-to-day work that it was worth it!

Júlia Ferreira TesslerData Scientist at Jusbrasil

This is the best track and the best people to learn from and to study with.

Salem Hussein Mula Al-DwailahHead of Software Engineering at Search365

The instructors are awesome, very knowledgeable, committed, welcoming, and helpful. There are timely follow-ups by the coordinator, and overall great support provided by the CoRise team. I highly recommend to anyone working in either Search or ML/NLP domain, as it combines the best of both of these fields very well.

Amir NagriCurrently bootstrapping on few creative ideas, Ex-GoTo/Gojek, ThoughtWorks

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This track is for...

Software engineers and data scientists, and other technical professionals who are new to the area or interested in working in it.

This class is not intended for experienced search professionals, since it will cover the basics. It is an introductory course, and also serves to prepare students for more advanced material, such as the course on Search with Machine Learning.


Ability to write Python and work with documented libraries.

Comfort working with web applications, Docker basics (e.g. start, stop) and the command line.

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