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Practical A/B Testing

A/B testing is a powerful technique that allows businesses to understand the causal impact of changes made to their products on their users and overall business success. Running successful A/B tests requires a proper setup, execution, and the ability to thoughtfully analyze results. This course will equip learners to master the analysis and interpretation skills for practical A/B testing, even in the most complicated of scenarios.

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Stephanie Pancoast
Senior Data Science and Analytics Manager
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Stephanie Pancoast

Senior Data Science and Analytics Manager

Stephanie is a Senior Manager of Data Science and Analytics. She recently led the improvement of A/B testing at Strava through platform enhancements, education, and process implementation. Prior to Strava, Stephanie worked at Airbnb as a Senior Data Scientist, assisting with over 100 A/B tests and co-developing an internal course on common A/B test interpretation mistakes. Stephanie also received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, specializing in Applied Machine Learning.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Data Scientists working on experimentation platforms and strategies for their organization

  • Product or Data Analysts performing A/B tests on their products

  • ML Engineers involved in A/B testing their deployed models

Prerequisites / Commitment
  • Foundational knowledge of Python programming: Variables, Functions, Lists, Loops

Not ready?

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  • Why A/B test?
  • What exactly is A/B testing?
  • Building blocks to interpretation: P-values, Confidence Intervals
  • Determining run-time (power analysis + assignment rate)
  • Picking the right metrics
  • Get your hypothetical product team up and running
  • What metric should they focus on? What should the guardrail(s) be?
  • Write the brief (hypothesis, run time) for 2 tests
  • Analyze and summarize the findings of the 2 tests
  • Different types of A/B tests: decision, measurement, defensive
  • Outliers: how to handle them
  • Multiple hypothesis testing, including segmentation
  • Analyze 2 test results that just came in and prepare the brief (experiment design) for 3 others
  • No detectable effect - but segmenting the results shows there is
  • P-value is close to 0.05. Also getting used to the idea that more of than not, there is no detectable impact
  • More practice with hypothesis generation/ power analysis
  • The importance of setup: Imbalance, dilution
  • Beware of early results - what can cause negative and early results to be different than the actual impact and how to handle it.
  • The tests you designed last week just started and early results show one test very negative and another is positive - plan how you'd interact and communicate with product teams
  • Dig into those two tests and figure out what’s going on and make a recommendation
  • Analyze the results of that + the non-issue one and summarizing the findings.
  • Concurrent tests and how to approach them
  • Bring your own test results to analyze OR
  • Analyze two tests that interact, one has has an outlier.

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