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Data Storytelling

To build successful products, one needs to consistently make good decisions. Making effective decisions requires the right ingredients of data, visualization, and a compelling narrative. This course introduces each of those components and highlights the nuances of using them effectively to drive change through an organization using data storytelling.

A thoughtful data practitioner knows the importance of turning raw facts into valuable information, by giving it the relevant context. This requires arranging data and elevating the relevant information, without unintentionally hiding key signals. A good visualization that makes the information easy to absorb, and empowers the audience to think at a deeper level is what data practitioners do to get buy-in. And a compelling narrative, that ties the story together, makes it possible for stakeholders to make effective decisions - that are rooted in data truths.

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Shailvi Wakhlu
Sr. Director, Head of Data
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Shailvi Wakhlu

Sr. Director, Head of Data

Shailvi is a Data Leader with 16+ years of industry experience. She has led large teams of Product Analysts and Machine Learning Engineers to enable data-informed product improvements in multiple companies. Previously, she was the Head of Data & Analytics at Strava as well as Komodo Health. She also worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce, and smaller start-ups such as Fitbit, as well as the company she co-founded. As a data leader, she focuses on harnessing the power of data to build great products, clarify strategic direction, and improve business processes. She is an Angel Investor for data startups, and is an industry thought leader who has spoken yearly at 25+ events. Shailvi is passionate about fostering equity in the tech industry and is committed to providing knowledge and mentorship to underrepresented groups. Connect with her on her website

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Data Scientists/Data Analysts who want to influence key decision-makers to make data-informed decisions

  • Any cross-functional professional (marketing, ops, product) who wants to understand the value of storytelling through data, and get better at it

Prerequisites / Commitment
  • Familiarity with the basics of how to gather, clean, and aggregate data

  • Familiarity with some visualization tools eg. Google Sheets, Tableau, Looker etc

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Understand your product, your business model, your users, and what they care about
  • Understand your stakeholders, what they are trying to optimize for, and how their success will be measured
  • Validate your existing availability of data for the decision at hand, and sift questions that can be solved today vs. questions that need data set up to be answered tomorrow
  • Take on the role of Lead Data Scientists for Airbnb in Lisbon - work with listings and reviews data to document a dataset for use throughout the company.
  • An overview of the data maturity ladder
  • DIKW pyramid
  • Gather the relevant data
  • Arrange and transform data
  • Add context and meaning to data
  • Create curated datasets in preparation for creating your data story.
  • Choosing the right visuals for your data
  • Making visuals easier to absorb: color, labels, intuitiveness
  • Establishing the signals and context that need to be highlighted
  • Empower your audience to think and engage
  • Balancing dynamic content with static content
  • Create visualizations using the curated datasets from Week 2.
  • Ingredients of a compelling narrative
  • Creating effective calls to action
  • Aligning on follow-ups and next steps
  • The power of good documentation
  • Craft a compelling narrative and presentation to influence a specific stakeholder to action.

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