Analytics Engineering with dbt
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Analytics Engineering with dbt

dbt is a game-changer when it comes to shipping trusted data faster. In this course, you will explore the modern analytics stack and best practices to transform, test, and maintain datasets within a cloud data warehouse using dbt.

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Emily Hawkins
Data Engineering Manager, Data Platform at Drizly
US$ 500
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4 weeks
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October 3
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October 2
Monday @ 3:00 PM UTC
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Wednesday @ 4:00 PM UTC
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Emily Hawkins

Data Engineering Manager, Data Platform at Drizly

Emily Hawkins is a rising analytics star and expert in the field of dbt. She leads the analytics data platform at Drizly (acquired by Uber for $1.1B) where she designed and works on a modern data stack using tools like Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Dagster, Looker, and Census. She also holds a Master of Science in Business Analytics from Bentley University, used to be an analytics lead for Wayfair, and gives powerful presentations on data modeling, the modern data stack, and analytics engineering at leading industry conferences.

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Jake Hannan
Senior Analytics Engineer, Sigma Computing
Ekaterina Khrushch
Lead Analytics Engineer, Contentful
Taylor Murphy
Head of Product & Data, Meltano
Miles Russell
Senior Analytics Engineer, GitLab
Emilie Schario
Data Strategist in Residence, Amplify Partners
Niall Woodward
Data Engineer, Brooklyn Data
Jason Ganz
Manager, Developer Experience, dbt Labs
Erika Pullum
Sr Analytics Engineer, Hex Technologies
The course

Data and analytics are rapidly changing industries: this is your chance to get ahead of the change.

dbt and other tools in the modern data stack are quickly becoming required skills for data teams at top tech companies. These skills are essential for analytics engineering roles. And these roles are some of the highest-paid, and most in-demand.

Position yourself to capitalize on this growing sector as a member of our beta cohort.

Week 1
dbt principles and dbt project
  • dbt fundamentals/principles
  • design of the modern data stack
  • what it means to be an analytics engineer
Assess the overall health of the business: set up a dbt project from scratch and build and run dbt models to layout and transform our data.
Week 2
model layers and dbt tests
  • model layers/modeling best practices
  • using dbt tests, including dealing with bad data and coding defensively
  • dbt docs
Answer questions about our customers: Set up model layers to improve the usability and understandability of your dbt project and run dbt tests to monitor the quality of your data as it moves from raw sources to curated dbt models.
Week 3
dbt macros, packages, and DAGs
  • Jinja & macros
  • dbt packages
  • dbt docs
  • hooks & operations
Identify opportunity areas to improve product performance: Use macros to 'dry' up your model and use the DAG to improve our data models.
Week 4
dbt exposures and deployment
  • product funnel data modeling
  • dbt exposures
  • dbt deployment
  • using dbt to complement analysis
Use our dbt models to provide an in-depth analysis of the product funnel to our product team: Provide recommendations and create new dbt models to set up ongoing reporting to monitor the progress of our business.
Taylor HairstonAnalytics Engineer @ Slalom

I wanted to take some time to #shoutout to the amazing co:rise team - Emily Hawkins, Jake Hannan, and Sourabh Bajaj for their efforts and enthusiasm around their Analytics Engineering with #dbt course. The cohort has been nothing short of amazing - from the - Weekly guest speakers from the data industry, who share their experiences with dbt Labs - Weekly code reviews with group members of different backgrounds and industries - Weekly lectures and hands-on weekly projects in Gitpod and GitHub I look forward to the last two weeks of the course!

Raj KumarData Scientist, C1X Inc

Here's a #shoutout to the amazing @corise_ team for building the awesome learning experience. - We're learning #dbt - Hanging out and learning with an amazing cohort of about 60 peers, paired in small groups - Guest speakers from the industry sharing their dbt journey - Weekly lectures, more hands-on projects in the browser-based version of VS code Super useful office hours with our TA's @_jhannan @sourabhbajaj90 - Weekly Code Reviews with members of the group

Mike WilliamsProgram Manager, Salesforce

Great class and instructors with an excellent support system from co:rise and team. Pace is suited to professionals and gives you flexibility to learn and build real world examples.

Sara GasparSenior BI Analyst, Lyst

This course has been an amazing learning experience - no only because of the content of the course but also the way in which is taught! It has the perfect mix of online - individual work - community time and resources. The teaching materials are very high quality and the whole team are super attentive and responsive. It's a great way to learn hands-on experience with dbt, get exposed to real life problems, industry experts and also networking! I highly recommend it!

TJ PolakSenior Manager of Business Intelligence, Embark Veterinary

This was by far the best training course I have attended. The way it was structured and the support available from the instructor and TAs really made the learning valuable and lasting. I am looking forward to other courses in the near future!

Emmanuel TreichAnalytics Manager Egencia

There was a great balance in this course between learning Dbt concepts, putting them in practice, and understanding the vision of people using the tool today. I also appreciated the fact that TAs were available to help us at almost at any point of time during a week. The peer reviews were also a great thing because it allowed me to understand the logic used by other persons.

Chloe BrownSenior Data Analyst

I absolutely loved this class. Not only was the content fantastic, but the course format and support was unlike any online class I've taken. The lectures, work sessions, coding parties, online communities, and deadlines all helped me learn more material faster than I expected! The co:rise team is amazing at creating a community of practice where you can ask any question and get a thorough response immediately. I'll be recommending this class everywhere I can!

Eva Jauman Data Scientist

I have started 28 courses on udemy and 12 on coursera but have not finished any. Does that sound familiar to you? co:rise has such a refreshing approach to online courses, with all the little details that made a big difference for me to finally complete an online course! We had strong focus on community, via slack all the questions were answered not only by the teacher team but also by classmates. It was a hands-on experience with topics for real applications, taught by practitioners and supplemented with insightful fireside chats and guest lecturers. The mutual code reviews kept me engaged and it's so interesting to see different solutions to the same task.

Stephanie Mott Data Warehouse Developer, UCSC

Best online course I have ever taken! The course content, while challenging, was pretty much right where it needed to be. And the lectures, special guests, and project sessions, gave insights into how companies are using dbt now as well as lessons learned. Amazing support through online sessions and slack channels from industry experts. Loved the 'never a dumb question' attitude! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get into dbt!

Stef ClausProduct Analyst @ Dooly

Just finished my last project for co:rise's dbt Labs course on snapshots, exposures, and artifacts. I can't wait to apply all the awesome dbt best practices I learned to super charge our data foundations at Dooly. Friends in the data space: I would highly recommend checking out co:rise! The class nails a lot of what I need out of a course, namely: Skills I can use right now at work, taught by fellow professionals who are also in the trenches getting it done; Great networking opportunities in the analytics engineering space; Some (soft! reasonable!) deadlines to help me prioritize coursework.

Michael CaruanaVice President, Data & Analytics, Allied World

The co:rise class on analytics engineering does a great job balancing applicable learning experiences with realistic expectations that you are probably working full-time and have a life. It's hard to find a class that respects both and this one hits the nail on the head.

Emmanuel Osei BoatengData Analytics Engineer, Wejo

Having the opportunity to learn from other peers in the industry and the fabulous instructors was priceless. Their willingness to go the extra mile and immerse themselves with the cohort upon their work and life commitments was unmatched!

Rolandas GlotnisSenior Software Engineer, Lyst

I've been through a lot of online courses but finishing co:rise 's Analytics Engineering with dbt was probably the best experience yet. Fab community, discussions on best practices, being able to apply knowledge at work from day 1, great pacing and support throughout, it just worked right.

This course is for...

a data engineer or scientist who wants to get stronger at their craft

an engineer who wants to get into data and analytics

a data analyst or business analyst who wants to improve their ability to answer data questions

or anyone curious about dbt

Knowledge of SQL: You have written queries that used JOIN or CASE WHEN statements.

Basic Data Warehouse Knowledge: You have experience querying in a data warehouse like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, SQL Server, etc

Optional but helpful: You have Command line and Git basics

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Live Sessions with Experts

Top industry leaders teach you everything you need in only 4 weeks

Interactive Learning

Real-world projects put your learning into immediate action

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Grow your network by learning with an intimate cohort of peers from top companies
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